Neem wood Dual Teeth comb

Material Neem Wood
Brand Ecofriendlynet
Hair Type All
Colour Brown
Net Quantity 1.00 count

MADE OF YOUNG NEEM WOOD: This brush is made of young neem wood to optimise nutrient delivery to the scalp during deep combing.

CONTROL OF HAIR GROWTH AND FALL THROUGH SCALP STIMULATION: Increased blood circulation activates hair follicles. Promotes hair growth and thickness. Stops hair loss and thinning.

STATIC CAUSED BY PLASTIC COMBS AND BRUSHES: Prevents brittleness, cuticle damage, and hair breakage caused by static electricity produced by plastic combs.

HAIR STRAIGHTENING, SMOOTHENING, AND FRIZZ CONTROL: Neem combs help control frizz and flyaways by removing static electricity. Hair is straightened and smoothed.


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