Handcrafted Indian Neem Wood Comb with Ergonomic Grip


Hair Type All
Colour Brown
Size With Handle
Net Quantity 3

• SUSTAINABLY CRAFTED FROM FALLEN NEEM BRANCHES – All-natural Neem wood combs are a superb eco-friendly alternative to the frequently available plastic combs. These combs are responsibly hand-crafted from fallen Neem tree branches by craftsmen in rural India.
• SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES AND ALL AGES – Our Neem wood combs are soft on the scalp and can be used by anybody regardless of their age or hair type. The natural Neem with its well-defined, balanced, and fine-tooth quality helps massage the scalp and detangle hair without breaking it. Regular usage of our neem wood combs assures decrease in dandruff, frizziness and hair breakage – all of which contributes to improved scalp and hair health.
• ANTISEPTIC AND ANTIMICROBIAL capabilities – Neem wood is recognized for its antibacterial and antiseptic capabilities. It works effectively as an antifungal agent in many skin and scalp disorders also. These qualities assist in the prevention and repair of dandruff and itchy scalp infections, lice infestations, and other scalp diseases, guaranteeing overall scalp protection and maintenance. Moreover, regular combing increases circulation, which reduces hair breakage and loss.

• NON-STATIC AND FRIZZ-FREE – Combing with plastic or metal combs causes hair to become stiff and frizzy – a primary factor for hair breaking. Since Neem does not produce any static electricity unlike plastic combs, it helps keep the hair’s natural structure, maintains volume, and eliminates frizz.
• ECO-FRIENDLY & NATURAL – Neem wood combs are a natural and entirely biodegradable alternative to plastic combs. We promise that all our items are created organically without plastic or hazardous components.



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Handcrafted Indian Neem Wood Comb with Ergonomic GripHandcrafted Indian Neem Wood Comb with Ergonomic Grip